About us

Welcome to LH Northern Soul! Here you will find articles, podcasts, videos and other fresh content that documents all things Northern Soul with other Manchester-related music content to come. 

This website started in 2019 as a Multimedia Journalism dissertation project by Lily Harrison, an avid music fan and local Mancunian passionate about its prolific music heritage and how it lives on today. Northern Soul music arrived in the UK in the late 1960’s originating from the underground sounds of the rhythm and blues, soul and Motown scenes of America in states such as Detroit. A term coined by London Soul City record store owner Dave Godin in 1970, Northern Soul boomed throughout the halls of the Wigan Casino, The Twisted Wheel in Manchester, and  The Torch in Stoke on Trent. Alongside the arrival of mod culture and electric dancing, Northern Soul provided Northern English teenagers with a type of spiritual cathartic release they had never experienced before that gave them a sense of freedom, expression, and joy. 

These are my kind of people..faint sounds of soul reminded me that soul goes on. Because each and every one of us keeps the faith

– Dave Godin, 1971

Here you will be able to get the latest of the current Northern Soul scene as well as a few trips down memory lane from your favourite venues such as the infamous Wigan Casino and Twisted Wheel. 

You will also find great content from the people who know it best from DJ’s to superfans and former and current Mods. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch and tell us more about what you would like to see and share your experiences. 

Hope you enjoy!